The Christmas Star and the Heavenly Signs for the Messiah’s Return

Welcome to the Christmas Star web site. God reveals in the fourteenth verse of the Bible that He uses lights in the heavens for SIGNS and for seasons and for days and for years (Gen 1:14). Moreover, He revealed to the prophet Hosea that these SIGNS have symbolism and meaning (Ho 12:10). Heavenly signs have appeared and have been prophesied about throughout history. Even today, with advances in modern technology, efforts to link significant historical events in the distant past with contemporary stellar events and configurations continue. But, until the recent discovery of the significance and meaning of a unique and rare pair of Venus Jupiter conjunctions that define the period of Christ’s nativity and mark the date of His birth, little, if any consideration has been given to the predictive nature of God’s heavenly signs. This is understandable since historical and human life and death events are one time occurrences that are possible, with technology, to link with contemporary heavenly signs (for example: the attempted linkage of King Herod’s death with a lunar eclipse). Jesus Christ’s incarnate life and ministry involved one-time events. But, it is abundantly clear from Scripture and from His own words that Jesus will return again and it may be soon. As a result of the 2015 discoveries of a unique stellar configuration of heavenly signs that both marked and pointed to major events in the life and ministry of Jesus during His first coming, and from the follow-on discovery of a stellar configuration, appearing today, that is nearly identical to the configuration that appeared during the Messiah’s first coming, the predictive nature of heavenly signs suddenly takes on new significance. Is it possible that the pattern and timing of the heavenly signs revealed for Christ’s first coming can translate forward two thousand years to illuminate wise men of today about the nature and timing of the signs for the Messiah’s return? It is hoped that the Christmas Star DVD and information presented on this website will give the reader wisdom and understanding about God’s heavenly signs and what they may be telling us about the soon return of Jesus.

The Christmas Star DVDIn part 1 of The Christmas Star DVD (revised in 2016), the background, the scriptures and the astronomy provide an overview of God’s heavenly signs that specifically focuses on and points to the Messiah.   Part 2 builds on the part 1 background and it presents the Nativity of Christ through the heavenly signs, telling a story that literally and completely fulfills Scripture.  The featured paper on this site: Wise Men Still Seek Him – The Heavenly Signs for the Messiah’s Return, combines the information presented in The Christmas Star with follow-on astronomical research to present a solid, scripture based case for the heavenly signs and the Messiah’s second coming.  For those who may be skeptical about what this all means, consider reading the Introduction, Part 3 and the Conclusion of the Wise Men… paper before leaving this site.   Then you can decide what role this might play in God’s plan.

What is being revealed about heavenly signs on this site is nothing short of amazing!  So, the question has to be asked: “Why is this information coming out now, in our day and time?” Incredibly, it comes out as new discoveries revealing the truth about Moses and the Red Sea Crossing in the Gulf of Aqaba, the locations of Mount Sinai and Mount Horeb in northern Saudi Arabia and other significant events and revelations about ancient Israel and God’s chosen people are coming to light and as signs for the time of the end converge.  A likely answer comes from the prophet Daniel.  “But you, O Daniel, close up the words and seal the book until the time of the end.  Many will go here and there, and knowledge shall be increased” (Dan 12:4). Knowledge about God’s plan for the ages has significantly increased in our time as the time of the end draws near.   The Christmas Star website may reveal much about what is coming and the time-frame for when it can happen.  Maranatha!