About the Author

Jim Dodge is a retired Navy Captain residing in the Gold Country of Northern California who came to know the Lord as a teenager.  He began teaching Adult Sunday school classes after his Navy retirement at the request of the interim pastor of his local church in 1997.  By 2008 he was involved in small group Bible studies and began hosting The Truth Project once or twice each year through his church.  In 2016 he hosted his tenth Truth Project, having exposed more than 100 people to this incredible Biblical “World View” ministry.   In 2011, when it became clear from current events and the “signs of the times” that the world was entering the season of the Lord’s return, he turned his attention to Bible Prophecy and has been leading a Prophecy Bible study since that time.   In 2012, feeling led by the Holy Spirit to seek the truth about the timing and events surrounding the birth of Christ, particularly those involving the Bethlehem or Christmas Star, he began to research God’s heavenly signs.  The result from two years of research was The Christmas Star DVD, produced in 2014.  After two additional years of research and the discovery of a link between the heavenly signs for the Messiah’s first coming with those for His second comings, a revised Part 1 to The Christmas Star DVD was produced and a paper titled:  Wise Men Still Seek Him – The Heavenly Signs for the Messiah’s Return, that addresses God’s heavenly signs for the Messiah’s first and second comings was produced in May 2016.  It hoped that the Christmas Star DVD, The Wise Men Still Seek Him paper and other information on the Christmas Star website can be used by individuals and ministries to help spread the word that JESUS IS COMING SOON!