August 2016 Conjunction and its Significance

  1. Star Log Bermuda –  Capturing the 27 August  Venus Jupiter conjunction on film
  2. (coming soon) Significance of the August 2016 Venus Jupiter conjunction as the latter day
    “Heads Up” heavenly sign pointing to the Messiah’s soon Return

This may be the most important tab on this website because, while the Christmas Star and associated research are critical for an understanding  God’s heavenly signs, the August 27, 2016 Venus Jupiter  conjunction may actually be the heavenly sign that gives us, the wise men  and women of today, a “Heads Up” that Jesus Christ is coming again, very soon.   Star Log Bermuda describes the author’s experience filming the conjunction on location in the only international time zone where the conjunction appeared as a single star.  It wasn’t easy, but God’s grace was sufficient.   The Significance of the August 2016 Venus Jupiter conjunction paper complements the analysis of the 2014-16 Quartet in the Wise Men Still See Him paper by focusing on the most likely of the four conjunctions in the Quartet to be the “Heads Up” sign that points to and confirms that the end of the age is coming and that the Messiah’s return is imminent.

If, after reviewing the papers and other resources on this website, you have concerns or doubts about whether or not you’d be ready if the Lord were to suddenly return today, I prayerfully urge that you  consider obtaining a copy of the pamphlet available on the link below titled:  Are You Ready For the Lord’s Return?  It may just be the most important decision and investment you make to secure your eternal future in Jesus Christ.   Maranatha!